April 19, 2012

Policy and Procedure Development

Policy and Procedure Development for Youth Organizations

Michelle Peterson Consulting (MPC) works with state governing bodies for youth sports, religious establishments, schools and other educational institutions, and youth sports organizations to create custom policies and procedures for the prevention of child abuse.

Many youth organizations lack the time and expertise to put together comprehensive and effective policies and procedures for abuse prevention. Michelle brings knowledge and expertise in the field of child abuse and provides youth organizations with the most effective tools for the prevention of abuse or misconduct within the organization. It is important that policy initiatives aim to prevent abuse and protect the organization and its members, while also providing guidance for responding and reporting. These policies must be based on facts and not myths. Objectivity and understanding of offender population nuances are critical in order to protect children from abuse.

MPC will create child-safe policies and procedures for the organization’s teachers, students, coaches, clergy, members, players, and/or parents that, when followed, will minimize risk and create a safer, more effective, and enjoyable learning environment for all.

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Additional Services:

  • Training for implementation of policies and procedures
  • Training for members, coaches, parents, and others around the dynamics and prevention of abuse