Thaddeus Martin, Thaddeus P. Martin & Associates

“I would unequivocally recommend Michelle Peterson as an expert witness in a child abuse case. My case involved a minor that was sexually abused by a coach in a youth sports organization. Ms. Peterson was very pleasant and cooperative to work with, she understood the liability issues at hand, and delivered excellent testimony in her expert deposition. When the defense attempted to exclude Ms. Peterson, arguing that she had no experience with organizations in Washington state, the court rightfully concluded that she was a national expert and was qualified to testify to the general standard of care for youth organizations, regardless of where the organization was located. The defense team admitted that Ms. Peterson was a well-qualified and well-spoken expert witness. I would also highly recommend any youth sports organization to consult with Ms. Peterson to obtain her expertise in developing policies that prevent child abuse in youth sports. I would definitely hire Ms. Peterson again.” – Thaddeus Martin