October 15, 2012

Religious Establishments

Policy and Procedure Development for Religious Establishments

Michelle Peterson Consulting (MPC) has worked with religious organizations and institutions throughout the nation and we can help your organization develop clear guidelines and expectations for all clergy, administrators, teachers, chaperones, parishioners, and other parish members. Our policy and procedure documents will outline prevention strategies for abuse and misconduct, appropriate behavior for all organization members, and effective response to concerns.

From mission trips to small-group settings where sensitive topics are discussed, MPC can help your organization set clear guidelines and protocol regarding appropriate behavior for participants and leaders. We hope you will join MPC’s growing list of satisfied clients. Working together, we will help keep your organization safe!

The following is a sample list of topics covered by our policy and procedure development process:

  • Analysis of Current Policies and Procedures Around Abuse Prevention – We will review your current policies and procedures around abuse prevention.
  • Development of Organizational Code of Conduct (COC) – We will develop a code of conduct that emphasizes the importance of safety and the welfare of all members and stakeholders.
  • Development of Individual Codes of Conduct (COC) – We will develop clear guidelines for all members and stakeholders to encourage high standards for safety and appropriate behavior to reduce the risk of abuse. COCs can address conduct of clergy, administrators, teachers, chaperones, parishioners, and other members.
  • Safe Social Media Guidelines – Social media is a popular communications tool for organizations and their members, but it is also a place where abuse and misconduct can occur. We will develop guidelines for appropriate use to help minimize potential problems.
  • Bullying Definition and Prevention Guidelines – We will develop guidelines for a safe and non-threatening environment for all members of the organization.
  • One-on-One Guidelines – For times when a one-on-one situation is necessary, we will develop clear guidelines for appropriate behavior.
  • Travel Guidelines – Overnight travel, day camps, and trips can create additional dynamics that can lead to abuse or misconduct. We will develop the necessary guidelines to both ensure the safety of all members and reduce risk for the organization.
  • Reporting and Responding to Abuse and Misconduct – Even with policies and procedures in place, an organization has the responsibility to report and respond immediately and effectively to misconduct or allegations of abuse. An organization’s response can have potential effects on the investigation, the alleged victim, the organization’s members, and the organization itself.
  • Hiring Guidelines – To ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to protect the organization and its members, we will develop policies and procedures that promote effective hiring practices and prevent unsuitable people from working with children.