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Go to Expert Witness in Criminal & Civil Child Abuse Cases

Expert Witness in Criminal & Civil Child Abuse Cases

We offer consulting services, trial preparation and research services in child abuse cases

Go to Youth Sports Policy & Procedure Development

Youth Sports Policy & Procedure Development

We develop custom policies and procedures around misconduct and child abuse prevention.

Go to Keynote Speaker & Industry Expert

Keynote Speaker & Industry Expert

Michelle is available to provide interviews, keynote speaking and/or expertise to media in regards to current child abuse cases.

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Michelle Peterson

Child Abuse Expert
Policy Procedures Training Research Prevention

Welcome to Michelle Peterson Consulting. Michelle provides child forensic interviewing, training for professionals in child abuse investigations, development of policy and procedure in the prevention of child abuse, expert witness testimony, consulting in criminal and civil cases involving child abuse and Safe Sport consulting. Michelle is passionate about the advocacy of victims of child abuse, the prosecution of perpetrators, the on-going protection of children and overall justice in the world of child abuse.

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